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Aglytica - Corporate Clients
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As a lender to the agricultural industry, wouldn’t it be great to have greater visibility to the business metrics that drive profitability of the farm enterprise beyond the financials?

Imagine the power of benchmarking farm production information to determine or aid in the calculation of lending rates, or a deeper understanding of what is driving the financials of the business for credit scoring.

A view from a whole of industry perspective to add insight to drive your positioning and messaging to the agricultural industry.

Aglytica has developed a unique set of online farm financial benchmarking tools that will add significant value to the way that you view and interact with your farm clients.

Value that will drive deeper relationships, further cementing your place as a “Trusted Advisor” and providing the scaffold to drive significant improvement in their efficiency and profitability.

Aglytica’s farm financial and production information data base carries anonymized data from 360+ farms, with 25 years of stored information. A database and online tools that can be used by your clients externally or branded to your organization through our white-labelled solution.

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