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Aglytica - Corporate Clients
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Your organisation exists to provide benefits to farming businesses with mutual interests by geography, enterprise type or other shared experience.

You are always looking to add value to your membership, imagine adding the power of shared data, to really help your membership to drive best practice in financial and production outcomes through detailed enterprise level benchmarking.

Dissect results starting with your group and broadening the scope of the benchmark to extend and measure your members to a growing database of 100’s of farmers in your state, and across Australia.

Aglytica has developed a set of technologies and products that enables farm data to be gathered through a cloud-based, secure, platform.

Data can be rapidly collated and analysed to produce highly detailed, personalised farm enterprise-level benchmarks that can be viewed through electronic publications and online dashboards.

Aglytica makes it simple for your membership to drive great uplift in profit and productivity through benchmarking, and shared best practice.

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