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Aglytica has developed a set of technologies and products that enables farm data to be gathered through a cloud-based, secure, platform. This data is then rapidly collated and analysed to produce highly detailed, personalised farm enterprise-level benchmarks that can be viewed through electronic publications and online dashboards.

Profit Series Infographic


The Aglytica Profit Series offers the next stage in farm business comparison. It goes beyond cashflow benchmarking to highlight what really makes a difference to the performance of a farm. It provides financial and production benchmarks, allowing detailed enterprise level profit analysis and comparison and compares overall business performance, cropping, livestock and machine efficiency against some of the best farmers in the industry.

Profit Series example


The Profit Analyser Platform is a secure, cloud based platform that allows both individual farmers, as well as organisations that support farmers, to add their farm data into the Profit Series  benchmarking database. 


The Analyser Platform consists of an interactive form that guides a farmer through the process of providing their production and financial data and automatically error checks that data.


The analysis is based on the Profit Series, a publication that has been supporting hundreds of farmers across Australia for over 20 years to improve their productivity and profitability.

Aglytica Profit Series Cover 2023

An import module allows eternal data sources to be mapped into the platform to allow the bulk update of data from organisations that support multiple farms.

The data can then be compared across hundreds of other datasets, through over 70 graphs and tables, together with expert commentary of how the findings can be used to improve the profitability of a farm business.

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