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Aglytica - Corporate Clients
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With the deep trusted relationships that you already have with your clients, you are undoubtedly gathering information and using it at a micro level on a farm-by-farm basis via an excel spreadsheet, or similar.


Aglytica’s online data base, carrying 25 years of anonymised production and financial data spanning hundreds of farms across the country will allow you to extend the value of Benchmarking to a whole new level.

Comparing your clients against each other, as well as against a much wider data set, will allow you to take your invaluable insights and observations to a whole new level.

Enter the realm of BIG DATA without the cost, complexity and upkeep of the technologies required to run a powerful set of tools such as Aglytica’s Profit Analyser and The Profit Series.

With the ability to use the platform or brand it as your own through our white-labelled offering your consultancy will stand out from the crowd, adding broad and immediately relevant insight, further consolidating the valued relationships that you have worked so hard to cultivate with your clients.

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