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Aglytica is now Carbon Neutral!!

We’re taking steps to reduce our GHG emissions. We try and minimize any unnecessary travel, use Teams and Zoom for internal meetings and have a strong culture of working from home when we don’t need to be in the office.


We are also calculating our emissions, and as we look to ways to actively minimize our emissions further we have offset all of our current emissions through a local WA scheme: using biodiverse reforestation carbon offsets in the Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, by Carbon Neutral.


Based on our current annual emissions of 13.63 tCO2, and matching offsets, we are now carbon neutral!

The 2022 review season is now complete, and the team at Aglytica have compiled the results of the season, generating graphs and tables and preparing intros and commentary.

This years' edition also features a new carbon emissions section, benchmarking emissions by enterprise.