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Dynamic Budgeting is now available in CASHPEEK!

CashPeek users asked, and we listened. Introducing Dynamic Budgeting and all that this offers. Below we highlight the features of this new ability within CashPeek.


Updating your budget just got easy. If you have your Xero or MYOB account connected to CashPeek, an updated budget is only a click away, with the new Dynamic Peek feature. 

Once a few months of actuals have flowed into your cashbook, simply open up any of your previous budgets and choose which months to view as actuals. Bank balances will automatically flow into the remaining budgeted months, giving you an updated picture of your cashflow.

Use the Copy Budget feature to set up a dedicated “dynamic budget” and update it throughout the year. Toggle Dynamic Peek on and off and use the Accounts Payable/Receivable rows to identify early and late payments. Dynamic Peek does not interrupt your ability to modify the budget, so you can fine-tune your updated budget month after month and make decisions with confidence.


A lot of you have asked for the ability to adjust GST payments in your budgets. Well now you can!

CashPeek Budgets will still automatically calculate the GST on your cash transactions and auto-fill the ATO payments according to your GST payment schedule. But now you can simply edit those transactions! Enter ‘0’ to delay a payment or enter a partial amount; the remaining liability is carried over into the following months. Use [backspace] to clear your custom amount and return to the automatically calculated one.


When setting up a budget, the bank accounts now come pre-filled with those from your connected Xero or MYOB account.

Returning users can merge the existing bank accounts configured in their budgets into their actual bank accounts on the Budget Setup screen, in order to make full use of the Dynamic Peek mode.


We have implemented many other small fixes and improvements in this update, such as

  • More consistent styling of the Actuals and Budget grids, and

  • Persisting the selected date range on the Actuals Page and the view options on the Budget Page between visits.

This is all in addition to the small updates and bug fixes we continue to release week to week. Most of these improvements come directly from feedback from users like you!

The feedback we receive from you is so valuable, as we try to strike the right balance between “making your life easier” improvements and developing exciting new features like the Dynamic Peek mode; so please keep it coming!

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